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Seimon-Commscope Solution


Throughput Assurance. VisionSM cabling systems are laboratory verified to support unbounded data throughput and maximum bit error rates specified by IEEE, ATM Forum, ANSI, and ISO Standards for all current and future applications operating on compliant LAN equipment that has been designed for use with a compatible category or class of twisted-pair cabling.

Applications Assurance. Siemon-CommScope cabling systems will support any existing, emerging or future application designed for category 3, 5, 5e, 6, 100 W UTP, multimode or singlemode fiber and 75 W coax cabling. This includes IEEE 802.3ab and 802.3z Gigabit Ethernet. Ultra 6SM and System 6SM performance is guaranteed to support all current and future applications designed to operate over category 6/class E cabling.

Design and Installation. The Siemon Cabling System is supported by a global network of experienced cabling professionals. All Siemon Certified Designers and InstallersSM attend an intensive one-week training program where they learn industry standards and in-depth installation procedures. The technical proficiency of Siemon's Certified InstallersSM and the commitment to customer satisfaction ensures unsurpassed system reliability and performance long after the installation is complete.

Standards Compliance. The Siemon Company's connecting hardware and CommScope's cables are industry renowned for superior quality and performance. Their solutions exceed national and international structured cabling performance specifications.

All Siemon Cabling System components are designed to support the very latest published and emerging industry standards. CommScope and The Siemon Company are actively involved in the development of the standards and remain committed to providing systems that exceed the recognized global standards. As of this writing, The Siemon Company and CommScope provide compliance to the following industry standards: ANSI/TIA/EIA-568-A, '568-A-1, '568-A-2, '568-A, '606; '607; TIA/EIA TSB67, TSB72, TSB75; CENELEC 50173; AS/NZS 3080-A; CSA T529-A; JIS X5150; ISO/IEC 11801; proposed ISO/IEC amendment 3 (SC25 N487). Ultra 6SM and System 6SM exceed ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 25N423 objectives and draft standards* for balanced cabling specifications beyond category 5e.

Iron-clad Warranty. All Siemon-CommScope Cabling Systems come with a comprehensive, end-to-end warranty that covers the cable, connecting hardware, installation and applica-tions assurance. Warranty claims are remedied by repairing or replacing defective components and covering appropriate labor costs.

Worst Case Performance. Worst Case Performance. An issue of significant concern to end-users is how to identify the best performing cabling system. Marketing literature with performance claims showing "measured", "typical", and "actual" data can be confusing and misleading. Without worst case performance values, an end-user is left to guess which performance claims actually represent the best system.

To remove confusion, CommScope and The Siemon Company have always provided guaranteed system performance that is derived mathematically through the worst case addition (all voltages in phase) of channel components. By using this algorithm, worst case perform-ance can be determined and guaranteed at every single frequency point throughout the range of interest. As a result, worst case per-formance (not measured, typical, or actual) is used to determine the best performing system.

Further, all Siemon-CommScope cabling solution performance guarantees are based on a worst case 100 meter channel model. This worst case channel model is constructed using four connection points consisting of a horizontal cross-connect, a consolidation point and a work area outlet. Beware of performance claims that are based upon two or three connector models as they may yield better, yet misleading results as compared to a true worst case configuration.

The next time you are searching for the best system performance, be sure to benchmark your comparison based on worst case channel performance and configuration.

*Reference document ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 25/WG3 N568

System Warranty Overview

If you think all structured cabling system warranties are alike, think again. With many other system warranties, if trouble strikes, paralyzing your network, YOU may be the one required to go from vendor to vendor, checking individual warranties and exhausting all possibilities before the system warranty is finally honored. The Siemon Cabling System Warranty guarantees prompt, comprehensive product, installation, and applications coverage. Immediately. In addition to The Siemon Company, you are supported by the technical expertise of the Siemon Certified Installer and Qualified Cable Ally. No fine print. Guaranteed.

The Siemon Cabling System Warranty is a comprehensive commitment that guarantees:

  • Coverage 100% backed by The Siemon Company
  • Comprehensive coverage on cable and connecting hardware, installation and applications
  • Warranty direct from The Siemon Company to the end-user - one primary point of contact

The Siemon Company delivers warranty coverage immediately because we do the work up front. When your installation is complete, we review it to ensure your system conforms to Siemon specifications. Only after we carefully review the test data and receive your customer satisfaction form, do we issue a Certificate of Registration. If a problem occurs with your cabling system, we will immediately honor your warranty, doing whatever it takes to get your system up and running.

Specify Siemon to Ensure:

  • Your cabling system will stand the test of time.
  • Performance guarantees are based on worst case measurements.
  • The warranty provides 100% coverage of products, installation and applications.

Guaranteed to Support Advanced Networking Applications

Because the Siemon Cabling System uses only the highest-quality, most technologically advanced cable and connecting hardware, Siemon warrants that the system shall perform to the applicable 100W unshielded twisted-pair (UTP), screened twisted-pair (ScTP), multimode and singlemode optical fiber cable requirements dictated by ANSI/TIA/EIA-568-A, TIA/EIA TSB67 and ISO/IEC 11801. Plus, the Siemon Cabling System is guaranteed to support all existing, emerging and future applications designed to operate over your category-rated cabling system.

Performance Based on Worst Case

Many manufacturers are marketing "enhanced" systems, but their performance claims are based on average values, not worst case. Further, these claims are not part of their warranty. The Siemon Cabling System performance guarantees are based upon worst case measurements, so you can be sure that your installed system will meet or exceed the guaranteed system performance levels. We can say with confidence that there is no other system that offers the Siemon level of performance and coverage. Period.

The Siemon Company recommends comparison of our warranty to those of our competitors prior to making an investment.

Highly Trained Network of Certified Installers

Siemon Certified Installers provide the necessary link between products and installations that are Siemon Cabling System compliant. Certified Designers and Installers attend Siemon training centers, where they learn in-depth procedures for the design and installation of the Siemon Cabling System. Each course is an intensive one-week program that includes classroom and hands-on training. The training program is ISO 9001 certified and based on the best practices of relevant TIA and ISO standards, ensuring the highest levels of quality in training worldwide. The Siemon Company has a dedicated support team to help with registration, design, and project management as well as warranty issues. To ensure customer satisfaction, an end-user questionnaire and audit program have been developed to verify that the installation and administration comply with the Siemon Cabling System training manual.

One Point of Contact

Best of all, the Siemon Cabling System Warranty offers a single point of contact for any questions or concerns you may have. The Siemon Company holds the entire warranty -- covering all cable, connecting hardware, installation and applications -- so you need not contact multiple parties, just one.

  • Technologically Advanced Products.
  • Superior Installation.
  • 100% Tested.
  • 100% Reliable.

The Siemon Cabling System will stand the test of time. Guaranteed.

Note: This document is for presentation purposes only. This does not represent or replace a warranty.


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